4 Restaurants You Must Not Miss When You Visit Bratislava

Slovakia has some of the most wonderful restaurants on the entire globe.
Here are four you must not miss:

1. Prasna Basta
It may not stare you on the face as it is somewhat hidden toward a side street near St Michael’s Tower, but once you find it, the only festivity awaits. The staff members are polite and genuinely welcoming, but that is only one part of their awesomeness; the other part is that they really know the menu well, and can explain to you everything you ask about all the food they offer. You can take your pick from seemingly endless options, including red cabbage, chicken pate with cranberry sauce, and Armenian salad. And guess what? Everything is delicious!

2. Albrecht
This restaurant is actually a part of a boutique hotel, but that does not take away its charm one bit. Its ambience is exceptionally wonderful, both inside and outside. The foods served to seem as if they came out straight from a bestselling cookbook, and the fact that the restaurant loves to serve everything in pristine-looking white plates makes things only more mouthwatering! That is quite expected, however, because the restaurant is managed by one of the most esteem Slovak cooks. The high-end place, located in a very expensive neighborhood, is great for spending time alone or with friends, as well as for conducting small business meetings.

3. Modra Hviezda
Modra Hviezda presents to you one of the widest range of foods you can possibly imagine. From zander fish and beetroot with cheese surround to grilled pork tenderloin and wild boar, the place offers you Slovak cuisines with a touch of a modern hint. The wines it has taste simply heavenly, and you can be certain that your food was freshly prepared using only the best of ingredients. As far as its feel goes, the words cozy and intimate describe it almost perfectly. Visit the restaurant during your lunch hour and you will absolutely love the experience.

4. U Kubistu
If you want to taste foods that are somewhat light on your stomach, U Kubistu is where you need to head. With some of the friendliest waiters on earth, the place boasts of exceptional service and quality offerings. Almost everything you can eat here tastes amazing, and the lemonades are so good that you cannot miss them at any cost. With an unpretentious ambience and relaxed surroundings, this restaurant never fails to impress.

While the above options are undoubtedly great, there are many other equally enticing options in Bratislava.