4 Slovakian Attractions Every Nature Lover Needs to See

Slovakia has many wonderful natural scenes and places to welcome its visitors with.

Below we list the best of them:

Demanovska Cave of Liberty

A truly fascinating gift of nature, the Cave of Liberty looks dreamy with its beautiful limestone formations. A karst cave in Low Tatras, this cave opened for visits in the year 1924 and remains the most visited cave in the country. If you plan to see it, try to find an English tour schedule online. Otherwise, everything will be explained in Slovak, which you may not appreciate. Overall, it is an incredible geological structure to admire for anyone.

Tatras Mountains

If you visit it in the winter, the surroundings will make you feel like you are in the paradise. With its snowy white mountaintops glancing at you from a distance and small lakes and water bodies making everything perfect, the Tatras can turn anyone into a nature lover. You are sure to find many people alongside you, adhering to almost every possible age range. Note, however, that you need to prepare well before visiting the place. If you want to explore the full range, for example, make sure that you have appropriate insurance.

Bratislava Zoo

When you enter this zoo, you may start to wonder whether your visit is going to be any fruitful at all, as the rate of the ticket is very cheap. However, once you are inside, your perception will quickly change. The Bratislava Zoo has many varieties of wild animals and compared to most other zoos, the animals seem to be in good condition. That is, the staff most probably takes care of them well. The only problem is that the place is located very close to a busy street, and so, it is possible to hear and get disturbed by car noises and other noises. Regardless, watching rhinos and a range of other animals from a very close proximity is an opportunity you may not want to miss.

Paradise National Park

If you love hikes, this place will really impress you. The trees are beautiful, the sky is clean, and the paths are fine. You get to view amazing waterfalls and experience challenging but rewarding climbs when in the park. Just make sure that you pick a good pair of sandals when visiting the place, though. Also, you may want to take hiking sticks with you.

Even though the above attractions are some of the finest in Slovakia, there are many other similar beauties spread around the country.