5 Slovakian Locations Every Tourist Should Visit

Slovakia has many places which proudly exhibit the history and the past of the country. The following Slovakian towns and cities are no less than dream destinations:


A very young European city complemented by the presence of the Danube River, Bratislava was known as Pozsony, Pressburg and Prespork in the past. It is the capital of Slovakia and harbors about 430000 people. The Bratislava Castle is one of the most fascinating attractions of Slovakia, and so is the St. Micheal’s Gate. The Presidential Palace, the Bratislava Zoo, the New Bridge and the Museum of Clocks are some of the main attractions of the city.


Slovakia’s biggest church, the St. Elisabeth Cathedral, is situated here. But, that is not the only great thing about this second largest city in the country. Kosice also takes pride in being the spot where the St. Urban Tower, the East Slovak Museum, and the State Theater are located. The city won the European Capital of Culture in the year 2013, and that says enough about why it is worth visiting.


In the entire Central Europe, the Bojnice Castle happens to be one of the most admired and visited castles. Its idyllic beauty can charm anyone. Bojnice is an ancient spa town located in the western part of Slovakia. Having almost 355 animal species, the zoo situated in the region is famous in the entire country and remains one of the top Slovakian attractions. Every year, the city hosts a festival called the International Ghosts and Spooks Festival, which is a wonder in itself.


Levoca is one of the most charming towns in Slovakia. With narrow streets and colorful houses, this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site can give you a tour of the past within just a few hours. The Evangelical Lutheran Church is a famous destination, and the same can be said about the Old Town Hall. Even taking a walk is an extraordinary experience in the city, as it has preserved wall that looks beautiful all around.


Kezmarok was once an international destination, buzzing with German, Hungarian, Slovakian and Jewish folks roaming everywhere. Now, it is a fascinating town, featuring many structures which look absolutely marvelous. The Baroque Church, the Gothic Castle, and the various Renaissance merchant houses present are only a few of the many attractions this town has on offer for you.

Bardejov, Banska Stiavnica, and Trencin are some of the other remarkable towns and cities located in the country.