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Anniversaries, weddings, and birthdays are meant to be celebrated; and when it comes to celebrating any special occasion, U Janosika can assist you with experience and expertise.

It does not matter whether you are throwing a celebration party to celebrate your own special day, or of one of your loved ones, our website and stores can help you find inspirations and ideas to make the special event unforgettable. We even offer indulgent cakes, sparkling wine, chocolate boxes, party foods and many other mouth-watering items that can impart celebration in the air.

When it comes to available choice, we offer an incredibly extensive range of Slovak and Czech foods. Also, in case you require a bit of assistance with your shopping, we are happy to help you. Just call us or email us, and we will make sure that you pick the perfect items to suit your special day.

Showing your care for your loved ones has never been easier. With U Janosika, you can put life into your parties and events with the best of Slovak and Czech foods, and celebrate your life the way you should.


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