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Food makes our life all the more amazing, particularly during special occasions. Without food, New Year, Christmas, Easter and hundreds of other festivals in the world will never be the same! The simple fact of the matter is that, during special days, food is the only thing that we look forward to most eagerly. That is why, whether you are cooking for a family member, a group of friends, or a room full of colleagues, preparing everything well is crucial.

Do you want to be someone who can prepare foods so deliciously that everyone’s eyes light up the moment they look at your special offerings? If yes, U Janosika can help you achieve your wish, by giving you access to anything and everything that is required to make a festival wonderful, like chocolate items, cakes, cheese products, and meats.

At our store, you can immerse yourself in various seasonal collections of Slovak and Czech treats. It is up to you whether you decide to explore everything yourself or wish to seek help from one of our helpful and welcoming assistants available at the store.

If going out is not one of your strong points, or if life is just too busy for you, you can choose to order your favourite festive items online, too. Our online store is designed to make browsing and ordering very convenient, and you are sure to receive your products quickly right in front of your door.

Trusting U Janosika to make your festivals fabulous is one of the best decisions you can make!


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