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If great shopping to you means shopping that is informative, intuitive and pure fun, U Janosika is a destination you absolutely do not want to miss. With natural navigation, simple interface, glossy look, and excellent collection, our site lets you shop for beers, spirits, soft drinks, wines, frozen foods, fresh produce and many other things. As our search engine is very advanced, you only need to spare seconds to find something you want.

We realize that shopping is not all about simplicity and speed. That is why we take special care to make our customers delighted, by including stunning photographs, mesmerizing colours and warm designs on our website. Plus, we offer an information area, containing many useful and interesting facts about the many different products we store, including their origin, contents, and manufacturing process. You can find recipes and reviews in our site, too.

Basic online shopping is not the only thing we ensure, however. We can help you surprise a special person, or find a rare exotic ingredient, too! If you wish to send a loved one a wonderful themed hamper, all you need to do is dial our number and give instructions. If you cannot find a particular Czech or Slovak ingredient anywhere, we can help you find the same, as well. We will even ship the item directly to your address! Besides that, if you are into seasonal selections, our Christmas, New Year, and Easter offerings will certainly bewilder you.

From special items to weekly food fests, at our online U Janosika store, you can find everything you need.

Shop for the finest Czech foods and Slovak foods, without even having to leave your house! With U Janosika, everything is fun and easy!

Wide collection
Our website contains a large number of frozen and fresh food items. Also, you can get beers, spirits, drinks, and wines.

Secure ordering
Placing an order is as simple as choosing the quantity of the item you desire to order, and then making payment using a debit card, or PayPal.

Prompt delivery
After your order is shipped, you will get an email from us, containing your tracking digits. If applicable, the estimated delivery date will be provided in the mail, too.


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