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Few things in life feel as delightful as shopping for food, especially when the food items in question are Slovak or Czech!

If you are a fan of Czech and Slovak foods, you will surely adore our U Janosika East Sheen Store.

At East Sheen, you will find pretty much any food item from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, imported from our trusted suppliers. Roaming around the aisle, you will see special dips, mouth-watering cheese items, and many other delicious foods. Inside the freezers, you will find ice creams, desserts and a host of different frozen foods, side by side with wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks. Many of the soft drinks we store are very tough to find anywhere else in the UK. Not just that; we even store a range of different household products, including toiletries.

What separates us from other UK destinations which store Czech and Slovak products is the fact that we do not just pay attention to how large our collection is; we take special care to maintain reasonable cost and impeccable quality, too. By continually monitoring the products our suppliers provide us, we make sure to keep our standards intact.

As a customer, you can be sure that you will be greeted warmly by our staff. We make a sincere effort to keep our store’s atmosphere friendly and welcoming. In case you find it difficult to locate something, be sure to ask one of our staff members about it. Our member will be more than happy to help you, making your trip joyous!

When it comes to finding the finest Slovak and Czech goods, U Janosika is a name you can trust!


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