Delivery Information

The moment your product gets shipped, you will get an email from us, containing tracking number, as well as arrival date (if applicable). Also, you will receive daily email updates regarding the status of your order until you get the product.


We rely on courier service to deliver your product. So, be sure to enter an address of delivery where there is always someone who can receive the product. While the courier service will confirm a possible delivery day, delivery time will not be fixed. Hence, we recommend that you consider your friend’s, neighbor’s, or workplace’s address as an alternative address in case you are rarely home. If you face any last minute situation and require us to alter the day or address of delivery, you may contact us before your parcel leaves our premises. Once your product leaves our office, we cannot change the address or date of delivery.

Deliveries take place between 8.30 in the morning and 6.00 in the evening. You can expect to receive your parcel within 4 to 7 days after getting your order receipt. Make sure that you enter your address correctly, including the postcode. Otherwise, delivery may not be possible. Also, any attempt at redelivery will attract a surcharge. So, carefully review your details before you confirm your order.

One misconception in which many believe is that courier guys always leave their card in case they attempt a failed delivery. However, that is not always true. Most courier guys leave their card only when they decide to wait for your instructions before attempting another delivery, not when they decide to attempt delivery of your package the next day again.

In any case, the appropriate mode of delivery to be used is selected by us. In case you order something that is frozen, or fresh, you can be sure that we will use a courier service that can deliver your product overnight. Any circumstances that are beyond our grasp can cause your product to require more than a single day to reach your house, though. That said, we pack our products in a special way. That means, even if your goods require more time than the expected duration to reach you, you can be sure that you will get everything in good condition. Note, also, that after your product leaves our premises, we cannot stop your order, or process a refund.

Finally, please note that we pay serious attention to recycling requirements. That is evident from the fact that we use packing materials that are recyclable. However, when it comes to packing frozen and fresh food items, we use brown paper or clean newsprints to cover them.

The above conditions regarding shipping may change in future, so be sure to visit this page from time to time.